Railway Selective Telephony System VoIP: STSV

The system, made in conformity to the RFI specs TT596 and TT595 , is an integrated dial-up system with VoIP technology. It is used for communications among the operators responsible for the trains movement and traction control.

In particular the system is suitable for the needs of :

  • Movement Manager and Station Manager;
  • On-board staff  (conductors, drivers, etc.);
  • Maintenance staff (technicians, line heads, ecc.).

The system is based on the existence of an IP Ethernet network, with a specific VoIP subsystem to satisfy the RFI organizational structure and procedures.

The product, which is designed according to criteria that leverage features such as modularity, flexibility, scalability and integrability, provides:

  • the possibility of a fully redundant configurations (High Reliability);
  • stations interconnection via Gigabit Ethernet and VoIP subsystems;
  • interfacing with legacy systems;
  • interfacing to the higher hierarchical levels of the railway telecommunications network.
  • compatibility with systems provided by different suppliers.