Products & Projects

We are always looking for more and more useful, more and more modern solutions for our customers, our trusted partner with which we share projects that produce value, for everybody

Railway & Motorway Systems

We are partners of important players of this sector developing on-board and ground systems for traffic safety and management


We have more than 40 years of experience in addition to the expertise and flexibility to provide RF and microwave solutions for all needs. Try us!


We design projects aimed at increasing safety on roads and in tunnels, with solutions that can merge CAN-Bus data, vehicle radar, GPS, video-cam, laser-scanner and ultrasonic sensors

Aerospace & Defense

We supply components for the preparation of equipment and systems with avionics and satellite applications

Industrial Automation

To the operators of the mechatronic sector we offer support in the choice of materials, their treatments and processes; advanced mechanical solutions; thermal analysis since from the design phase and rapid prototyping with 3D printing

High Speed Computing

We design and develop specialized computing architectures to provide top performance in High Performance Computing technology

Artificial Intelligence

We develop applications of Artificial Intelligence to realize pattern recognition models able to exceed the limits of the programmed logic


We are technology suppliers of one of the world's leading test and validation systems provider for 2G/3G/4G/5G and GSM-R networks. The experience and know-how in this field allow us to offer high-tech and cutting-edge solutions

IOT & Home Automation

Thermostats, alarm or lighting systems, air and metering sensors, timers and automatisms: well known objects that today can be interconnected, monitored and managed even remotely. This is the world we work for!

Smart Cities

Traffic Management, Weather, Smog, Parking, ZTL, Energy management, Public Transport, Waste Collection, Smart Metering; there is no limit!