Tunnel Lighting Management

Management System for roads and/or gallery lighting installations, based on LED lamps, equipped with wireless control devices. Specifically designed to:
  • Ensure visibility in all lighting conditions, limiting light dispersion and optimizing the operating and maintenance costs;
  • Ensure safety of vehicular traffic;
  • Provide a greater sense of "physical and psychological security" to people.


  • Web-based interface, with dynamic multilevel maps;
  • Automatic control of the lamps via luminance sensors and/or on hourly basis;
  • Import/Export of luminance, power absorption, temperature data using Excel file format;
  • Control Center integration via SOAP technology;
  • Integrated diagnostic monitoring.
  • Automatic send of alarms notifications via SNMP and/or SMTP (mail).
The plant description is fully configurable:
  • Drag an drop positioning of the equipments on the map;
  • Number of controllers and corresponding configuration data;
  • Number and characteristics of individual models of lamps;
  • Number and distribution of lamps and sensors.