Our services

We build customized products and projects on behalf of our customers thanks to the specific skills developed in the vertical integration of technologies.


Project wide-ranging from single IP cores to analog and digital cards, up to the complete equipment.


We develop software for embedded applications and IOT devices, communication protocols and Device Drivers in BareMetal, RealTime, Linux, Android and Windows environments.


We implement applications that use the most advanced technologies to obtain continuous monitoring of the controlled systems; GUI (Qt, GTK +, Windows), Web App.


We take care of the industrialization process starting from the functional definition of the necessary products and investments, the choice of the technologies to be used, the suppliers, the project planning, the production and the tests.


Precompetitive analysis of new technologies, concept development and prototype realization in collaboration with universities and centers of excellence.

Validation & Certification

Rapid prototyping of developed products. Qualification, Approval and Certification by competent bodies.

We work for the best...

We work for the best customers in the field of plant building, telecom, parts production and automation. We don't have good or bad partners; they are all the best.