Power Line Modem

Power Line Modem (G3)

G3-PLC (Power Line Communication Third Generation) is the name of the protocol sponsored by the G3-PLC Alliance organization to support and promote the Smart Grid philosofy.
It makes use of electrical wiring to simultaneously carry both data, and Alternating Current (AC) for electric power transmission or electric power distribution.
With the ability to cross transformers, infrastructure costs are reduced and with its support of IPv6, G3-PLC will support powerline communications into the future.


  • G3 PLC Power Line modem ASIC for industrial markets, fully implemented in FPGA ((LX240T Xilinx Virtex6) to reduce the design time and costs;
  • full duplex transmission, narrowband OFDM;
  • MAC Procol Engine and PHY layer (Analog Front End) integrated:
  • Application Layer on CPU STM32;
  • Supported modulations: ROBO, DBPSK e DQPSK;
  • forward error correction (FEC) supported;
  • Monitoring and debug functionality integrated.